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About Dan

Dan Koukol Sacramento lawyer Dan Koukol has a reputation as a top-flight litigator, a tough negotiator and one of the keenest sentencing experts in the nation. This summary explains how and why he gained and deserves that reputation.
"I had been researching lawyers for many months and decided to contact Mr. Dan Koukol. I had read many good positive testimonies and can now confirm that Mr. Koukol has an outstanding track record for winning his cases and being a top lawyer."


No jail. No probation. No criminal record:   I would like to describe how Dan Koukol helped me. At age 43 I found myself being charged felony drug possession and transportation of a controlled substance. My best friend searched the internet for the best criminal defense attorney working in the Placer County area.…
Dan Made Certain That a Screw-up Didn’t Derail My Life:   If you’re reading this, there’s little doubt that we have something if not everything in common: you don’t have the convenience of an attorney friend or referral, you’re either a first-time offender or in bigger trouble this time than the last, but most of all, you’re nervous, anxious, and maybe even flat-out panicked at what a (perhaps minor) lapse in judgment may have done to your life—sound close?…


Prop 36 – Three Strikes Law Changed Significantly:   On November 6, 2012 the California voters passed Proposition 36 which changes California’s three strikes law.  The voters approved this change by a wide margin – with 68 percent in favor of the change.…
Placer County Drunk Driving Prosecution:   Placer County has the earned reputation as being one of the toughest (if not the toughest) counties in California when it comes to enforcement of the driving under the influence laws.…
Dan is a Sacramento criminal defense attorney serving Northern California with over 25 years experience defending those who have been accused of felonies and misdemeanors.