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No jail. No probation. No criminal record

I would like to describe how Dan Koukol helped me. At age 43 I found myself being charged felony drug possession and transportation of a controlled substance. My best friend searched the internet for the best criminal defense attorney working Read More

Dan Made Certain That a Screw-up Didn’t Derail My Life

If you’re reading this, there’s little doubt that we have something if not everything in common: you don’t have the convenience of an attorney friend or referral, you’re either a first-time offender or in bigger trouble this time than the… Read More

Placer County Domestic Violence

My family found and hired Dan Koukol after I was arrested for domestic violence and child endangerment.  My charges were felonies and were serious. I was in no shape to make decisions on my own.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful… Read More

Dan saved my future which was worth every penny spent.

I almost fell into the worst possible situation for someone my age. Two felony counts at the age of 20 was a devastating hit to myself and my family. I’ve always known I would like to take over the family… Read More

Dan Takes Care of His Clients

I can’t say enough about Dan’s honesty, integrity, professionalism, knowledge of the law, and genuine care and concern for his clients. He is passionate about what he does. Just as importantly, he is a well known and well respected attorney… Read More

Expungement Case

I was in a position where I still had a year and some months of a 5 year probation sentence before I found Dan. To add to that nightmare I had a record that had been making my life beyond… Read More

I Am an Attorney and I Hired Dan

I should start by saying that I am a criminal defense attorney myself, and have known Dan Koukol both professionally and personally for over twenty years.   I met Dan when he first started working as a defense attorney and I,… Read More

Excellent Investigation

We hired Dan Koukol when our son was falsely accused of selling marijuana.  My son was the passenger in a car that was stopped by the police and searched.  The driver of the car had marijuana in his pocket.  When… Read More

Caught Red-Handed Embezzling

After being charged with felony embezzlement, I hired Dan Koukol to represent me.  My goal was to avoid a felony and to avoid actual jail time if possible. I was pretty much caught red-handed embezzling slightly over $5,000.00 dollars from… Read More

DUI with injury to misdemeanor

My father hired Dan Koukol to represent me after I was charged with driving under the influence causing injury. The case was easy to prove for the prosecutor because my blood alcohol level was over .20.  The accident that I… Read More

Domestic Violence Fixed Appropriately

Dan saved our sanity and immediately went into action after our son was charged for domestic violence when in fact he was acting in self defense. Read More

Better Outcome Than Expected

Dan Koukol kept me out of jail...This outcome was much better that I thought possible. I told Dan that in my mind he was worth ten times what I paid him. I see why my friend recommended Mr. Koukol to me – he is really, really good at what he does. Read More

Avoided Sex Registration

I was arrested with multiple felonies against me and a couple of misdemeanors. And I was facing up to 12 years in prison and 290 (sex) registration. When I first spoke to Dan... Read More

No Jail Time

Serving sixty days of home detention—no actual jail time...To say that I’m happy with the outcome Mr. Koukol was able to achieve is an understatement. Read More

Feel Safe Even In The Chaos

Anybody who is in need of a criminal defense attorney has made a regrettable decision or mistake. Don’t make another mistake by not selecting Dan Koukol as your attorney! Read More

Saved My Job

I was charged with a felony and a violation of probation when I hired Dan Koukol to represent me. I was happy that he made arrangements with the court so I did not have to go to jail to serve… Read More

Life Sentence Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor

I hired Dan Koukol to represent me as soon as I was aware the police were investigating my case. Shortly thereafter, I was arrested and charged with several very serious offenses. In fact I was charged with a crime that… Read More

Outcome Beyond My Wildest Dreams

I am a registered nurse who made a bad decision and almost lost my career. This is my story. One day I was drinking in order to distance my mind from a series of recently discovered personal problems. Unfortunately, I… Read More

Three Strike Case Avoided

I hired Dan Koukol to represent me when I was charged with a felony strike offense.  Before I hired Mr. Koukol, I spent hours searching the Internet for the best criminal defense attorney.  Well, Mr. Koukol really had his work… Read More

Federal Court Drug Case

I hired Dan Koukol to represent me on a drug case that started out as a state case originating in El Dorado County.  Unfortunately, after some time the Federal Court took over the prosecution of my case. When that happened… Read More

highest recommendation

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dan Koukol’s representation for anyone seeking legal counsel involving matters of criminal defense.  The circumstances of my life that led me to Mr. Koukol’s Law Firm were somewhat different from other testimonials… Read More

No Prior Record

In my case, I unfortunately learned how the system treats you as if you are guilty before you even have a chance to realize what is going on and to hire an attorney. My daughter made a false allegation that… Read More

DUI Case Dismissed

I hired a Placer County Defense Attorney, Dan Koukol, to represent me on a driving under the influence case that was against me. When I hired Mr. Koukol, he agreed to represent me at the DMV hearing as well as… Read More

no criminal record

I was arrested for a felony Grand Theft, so I hired Dan Koukol to represent me. He was able to give me peace of mind because he told me that he thought he could get the charges reduced to misdemeanors.… Read More

saved from losing my business

I would like to tell you my story. I was charged with three misdemeanors and I was terrified because if I would have been convicted, I would have lost my business license and I would have been deported. I hired… Read More

thank you very much

Dear Mr. Koukol, Thank you very much for representing me. I am truly grateful for your counsel, understanding and careful consideration for me and my case. I sincerely appreciate you speaking so highly on my behalf. I honestly don’t know… Read More

never have to go back to jail

I was arrested for being in possession of stolen property. While I was in jail I was notified that the prosecutor was going to charge me with additional felonies.  My family hired Dan Koukol to represent me. He was able… Read More

judge recommends dan koukol

I made it 54 years without having any problem with the legal system whatsoever and then out of the blue I received a letter from the Placer County District Attorney’s Office ordering me to appear to answer to charges that… Read More

the only attorney i trust

Dan Koukol is the only attorney I would trust to go to bat for me in a criminal case. His experience and knowledge pertaining to the criminal justice system would be an asset to anyone facing criminal charges. I was… Read More

i owe my future to him

Everybody makes mistakes and the only way to move past them is to learn from them. I was given a second chance to learn from my mistake because of Dan Koukol. I had pending felony theft/embezzlement charges and was facing… Read More

what i hoped for

I got in trouble and got arrested with two misdemeanors and a restitution fee of over $100,000. I didn’t want to say I was innocent, but I wanted some help in dealing with the restitution fee. I looked on the… Read More

kept me calm

I was out of town when I got a call from my son who had been arrested for felony embezzlement and suddenly found myself in need of a defense attorney. I immediately called Dan Koukol who first off, calmed me… Read More

gave good advice

My case involved a traffic accident and a driving under the influence charge. My first impression of Dan Koukol was that he was willing to meet with me immediately and then when we got together he seemed to be genuinely… Read More

case dismissed

This is my story about what I experienced in the criminal justice system. First of all, you should know that I am a veteran and am presently attending college. One afternoon I did something stupid and my friend and I… Read More

helped me get on a better path

After carefully searching for an attorney, I selected Dan Koukol to defend me on a felony drug sales case in Placer County. I can tell you for sure that I made the right choice because Dan gave me straight forward… Read More

our lives turned upside down

It’s amazing how much we take for granted everyday, not knowing that our lives can be flipped upside down and everything we know or love can be taken from us in what seems like just a moment. I would like… Read More

takes time to explain

I needed an attorney to help me with my driving under the influence case in Placer County. I searched for a DUI defense attorney and ended up consulting with Dan Koukol. I was immediately impressed by the fact that he… Read More

saved my job

I hired defense attorney, Dan Koukol, after reading his prior client’s testimonials on his web site. I was arrested for Boating Under the Influence. I was worried because I have a prior driving under the influence conviction and because I… Read More

criminal case dismissed

I would like to share my very frightening experience with you. I am a 39 year old mother of three who is unfortunately in the process of getting a divorce. During an attempt to reconcile with my husband a series… Read More

after counseling – reduced to misdemeanor

My parents hired Dan Koukol to represent me when I needed help because I picked up a felony drug case. I was glad that I had him on my side because he never made me feel stupid and he was… Read More

charges could have ended my career

While I was on leave from the military this past summer (2009) I made a mistake which could have cost me my career. I had no idea how to find a good attorney so I did research online and found… Read More

life term avoided

My family hired Dan Koukol when my wife was arrested on an extremely serious drug trafficking offense in Sacramento. Over the course of more than one year, Mr. Koukol represented my wife in both state and federal court on this… Read More

two felonies reduced to a small fine

I was charged with two felonies for resisting arrest after being arrested on a traffic warrant in Placer County, California. Dan Koukol worked closely with the prosecutor to get my charges reduced to a small fine.   After first speaking with… Read More

avoided 18 month DUI school

When I hired Mr. Koukol as my attorney I was very worried because I had some problems. I was being charged in Sacramento County with a DUI with a high blood alcohol level and I already had a prior DUI… Read More

his knowledge and ability saved me

I am amazed at the outcome of my case. I had been arrested for my 4th DUI in 2001. Due to my current situation at the time, I did not go to court and was on the run for… Read More

non-citizen avoided deportation

I hired Mr. Koukol when I was charged with driving under the influence, being in a car accident and having illegal drugs in my possession. To make matters worse, I am not a citizen and I had to do what… Read More

avoided a felony conviction

I hired Dan Koukol to represent me when I was charged with grand theft. I learned about him on the internet and when I read the stories from his clients, he seemed like the attorney that I needed in my… Read More

case completely dropped

I want to thank Dan Koukol for the amazing work he did on my behalf when I was in trouble and being accused of some serious crimes. Because I have had two prior felony offenses in the past, I was… Read More

better outcome than imagined

I would like to tell you my story and how my attorney, Dan Koukol, handled my case. I am 19 years old and was charged in San Mateo County with a felony for evading a police officer because I was… Read More

embezzlement case dismissed

My name is David and I hired Dan Koukol to represent me when I was charged with embezzlement.  I had never been charged with a crime before and my family and I wanted to try to get the case settled… Read More

marijuana case dismissed

I would like to describe my experience with the Federal Criminal System.  Over a year ago my husband and I were arrested for growing marijuana. The Federal Prosecutor elected to prosecute the case because it involved over 500 plants.  I… Read More

no nonsense counsel

After speaking to several attorneys, I spoke to Dan Koukol and was immediately impressed with his no nonsense, straight to the point ways. He made a serious situation understandable and as comfortable as possible. He went to bat for me… Read More

thank you letter

Dear Dan,  Thank you so much for your help throughout the past couple of months. Your warmth and compassion are reassuring. You prove all those jokes about lawyers wrong.  Thank you again for your strong, sturdy, caring confidence. You’re just… Read More

helped me and my family

I would like to recommend Dan Koukol if you are in trouble.   I was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance, transporting a controlled substance and being in possession of a controlled substance for sale.  The police… Read More

felony fraud reduced to misdemeanor

Dan Koukol was my attorney when I was arrested and charged in Federal Court for being involved in a serious case. The government said I was responsible for over three million dollars of losses caused by fraud.  The police report… Read More

did a great job for me

In November of 2008 I made a big mistake. I was trying to do a good deed but it ended up backfiring on me. I got arrested on a felony theft offense in Placer County.  I hired Dan Koukol who… Read More

so much at stake

I never dreamed in a million years that I would ever be arrested and especially did not think that I would get in trouble and the charge against me would be a misdemeanor sex offense.  The entire experience was so… Read More

made good things happen

After carefully searching for a Roseville defense attorney my wife and I hired Dan Koukol.   Right from the start we could tell the Dan was going to do everything possible to help us.  Dan said that he could not make… Read More

saved my life

I am writing to tell you what happened in my court case and how Dan Koukol helped me in a big way.  About six months ago I got into an altercation and I ended up seriously hurting someone.  The prosecutor… Read More

negotiated lowest term

The day I was arrested, I didn’t know what to expect because this had never happened to me before. After going to my first court date while I was still incarcerated on a one million dollar bail I was appointed… Read More

immigration status not affected

I got in trouble for the first time in my life when I was arrested and taken to jail for petty theft (Penal Code section 459 and 484).  I hired Dan Koukol to help me. Mr. Koukol was able to… Read More

dismissed the case against me

I would like describe my experience with the legal system and tell you how Dan Koukol helped me.  One Sunday afternoon, my wife and I were watching TV in our home when a police officer knocked on the door and… Read More

my son regained his future

My 18-year old son was a typical high school senior who had forgotten all the warnings we had given him.  Bad judgment and alcohol resulted in my son being charged with two felony theft counts over a practical joke in… Read More

auto theft case dismissed

I would like to share my experience with you. I am 18 years old and last summer I found myself being charged with a felony auto theft.  When I was charged with this crime my entire family was devastated. I… Read More

reduced my sentence

I would like to send out a big thanks to Dan Koukol for helping me out in a very big way when I was facing drug charges.  From my initial call to Dan’s office I felt assured that I had… Read More

gave me straight answers

Hello, my name is Justin and I would like to tell you my story and tell you how Dan Koukol and his investigator helped me tremendously.  I am 28 years old, I have five prior felony convictions, and I have… Read More

accomplished the impossible

I’m 53 years old and, until now, I had never been in trouble in my life. Unfortunately, I entered into a business relationship that failed which caused financial losses to several of my clients. I was charged with 12 felonies… Read More

communication and optimistic

I am a federal inmate who has been fighting a federal case for the past 9 months. Dan Koukol was appointed to me as my attorney. I can truly say that my case has been a roller coaster ride of… Read More

in my corner

Dan’s experience and reputation helped me overcome a situation that threatened my family, career and livelihood. I was being charged with something that had the potential penalty of jail time, thousands of dollars in fines and the loss of my… Read More

innovative and practical

I hired Dan after researching criminal defense lawyers online and checking references. My son was charged with being drunk and disorderly in a public place.  I would describe the service Dan provided as “excellent, innovative and practical”.  Dan took the… Read More

excellent understanding of the law

Our son was arrested on 7 felony drug charges. His sentence was reduced from a possible 10 year state prison term to one year in the county jail and probation.  Dan has an excellent understanding of the law, positions taken… Read More

informative and knowledgeable

Dan was very helpful in my DUI case. When I first received my DUI I was very worried and stressed out, but once Dan took on my case I felt a lot more comfortable about my situation. He was very… Read More

professional and compassionate

I was in a situation that could have been life-altering both financially and with respect to my family because it was an accusation of domestic violence .  Dan provided the best representation a person could ask for. Dan goes above… Read More

someone on my side

Above and beyond what I initially hoped for, Dan was able to negotiate a settlement for theft offenses I was charged with which will make it much less likely that I will ever be back in the court system. He… Read More

a godsend

In a time of high stress, Dan was able to review and investigate the facts. He is easy to talk to, not a stuffed shirt type. I was instantly comfortable with him. To my surprise, he aggressively investigated the comestic… Read More

renewed hope – gave me strength

I am writing this letter to describe my situation and hopefully help you work through legal problems you or your loved ones are facing. I am 55 years old and until last year I had never had any legal problems… Read More

lowered my sentence

One day my life was just going great. I had a home, a car, a job and was happy. Then one day my life spiraled out of control with thinking I was lost with no help. I gave up. I… Read More

Criminal defense attorney, Dan Koukol, represents citizens all over the Northern California region including the cities of Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, Lincoln, Folsom, Citrus Heights, Marysville, Yuba city, Woodland, Davis, Fairfield, Placerville, Stockton, and South Lake Tahoe.