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Dan Made Certain That a Screw-up Didn’t Derail My Life

If you’re reading this, there’s little doubt that we have something if not everything in common: you don’t have the convenience of an attorney friend or referral, you’re either a first-time offender or in bigger trouble this time than the last, but most of all, you’re nervous, anxious, and maybe even flat-out panicked at what a (perhaps minor) lapse in judgment may have done to your life—sound close? Well, take a breath. Dan can help—I’m absolutely certain.

As a Ph.D. student I make my living conducting research, analyses and constructing intricately conceived theses; I’m methodical, obsessively calculating and thorough to a fault. I say this not to be boastful, but to make clear that in looking for an attorney, nothing passed unchecked; I researched nearly forty candidates before making a decision. That said, after two interactions with Dan I was sold. His approach was the same as mine: methodically attack from all sides, employ/deploy all resources, wage war on the ‘problem’ (the charges) from every conceivable front—period. During our second phone-call he demonstrated an astoundingly comprehensive knowledge of the law, and calmly articulated a plan to approach the D.A.—utilizing well-established relationships and in-roads—with an arsenal in my favor well before the case ever went before a judge. And it worked. One conversation with Dan and the D.A reduced my two felony counts to one misdemeanor—I was blown away (and maybe you’ve guessed by now I’m not blown-away easily). Further, he’s been honest, clear, asked a fair price—no ‘auxiliary’ charges materialized along the way—receptive, patient and above all, EFFECTIVE.

Like you, I screwed up—there’s no question about it. In the end though, Dan made certain that screw-up didn’t derail my life. I could have very easily gone to prison for my offenses. Yet, as it stands now I have to take a class twice a week—it’s nothing short of remarkable. If this seems overly laudatory, if I seem like I’m overstating, if you’re suspicious that I’m his cousin, friend, or colleague trying to make him appear to be a miracle worker, I emphatically assure you I’m not. This guy basically saved my life, and I owed him this testimonial. Generally, I still subscribe to the stereotypes we’ve all heard about lawyers—Dan simply constitutes an exception.

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