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No jail. No probation. No criminal record

I would like to describe how Dan Koukol helped me. At age 43 I found myself being charged felony drug possession and transportation of a controlled substance. My best friend searched the internet for the best criminal defense attorney working in the Placer County area. After considerable effort he told me he thought the he found the attorney we should talk to. He set up a meeting with Dan Koukol. When we met my stress level immediately went down. Dan described the options that we had and convinced me that we could work through this situation. It was clear to me that he knew exactly what he was going to do. I remember he sent me away with a “things to do” list. This helped me get my nervous energy focused on some productive / healthy tasks. One of the things on my list was to attend some self-help meetings. Dan’s investigator almost immediately put together an investigation report about my favorable background information. Dan used this to convince the judge and the prosecutor that I was worth saving and that I had just gotten momentarily off-track.

After a few court appearances the good news came – Mr. Koukol worked out an agreement where I could simply go through counseling. No jail. No probation. No criminal record. Perfect! Better than perfect!

In the end I successfully completed my counseling. Not only did I avoid a criminal conviction – I avoided a drug problem.

I absolutely recommend Dan Koukol.

~ LW

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